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MD-PhD Student, Jesse Novak, Receives NIH F30 Award

Jesse Novak, a fifth year student in the Tri-I MD-PhD program, has been awarded an F30 research grant from the NIH.

Mr. Novak's award will support his work in the Fuch's Lab at The Rockefeller University, where he is currently a PhD student; in particular it will support his project "Dissecting the role of serine and glycine as regulators of stem cell fate in tissue regeneration."

When asked about his work, Jesse explained:

"While a great deal is known about the transcriptional and signaling pathways that regulate the stem cell response to tissue regeneration, it is currently unknown whether stem cells integrate metabolic inputs into these regenerative processes. To this end, I am using the mammalian epidermis to study how cellular metabolism governs stem cell behavior during homeostatic tissue regeneration and wound healing. For my F30, I focus on the roles of the amino acids serine and glycine and interrogate their roles as putative regulators of wound healing. Hopefully, my studies will help us to harness the power of endogenous stem cells to promote tissue regeneration and accelerate wound repair."

Jesse Novak