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Finance FAQs

Find out more about the Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program financial support for students.

Q: What is the funding package for MD-PhD students?

A: All MD-PhD students receive a stipend (currently $37,450-42,230 depending on the year in the Program), a full tuition waiver for every year in the program, up to a $1,500 lab supplement, health and dental insurance, and guaranteed access to on-campus housing. In addition, any student who writes and is awarded his/her own fellowship, may be eligible for a $5,000 stipend supplement. Please see the WCM Housing website for more details regarding student housing.

Q: Are international students and U.S. permanent residents eligible to receive funding?

A: Yes. All admitted MD-PhD students receive the same funding.

Q: Can a spouse or dependent be added to the health insurance?

A: Yes, but students are responsible for paying the difference in cost associated with additional people on the policy. Please see WCM Student Services for more details.