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Gateways Admissions

Applications to the 2022 Gateways to the Laboratory Program will be open November 1, 2021 through February 1, 2022.

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Applicants should apply via the Leadership Alliance.

Who Is Eligible To Apply?

  • Current college freshmen and sophomores who will be at least 18 years of age at the start of the Program.
  • US citizens and permanent residents (proof of status is required)
  • Members of groups historically underrepresented in medicine and science*:
    • Individuals from racial and ethnic minorities
    • Individuals from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds
    • Individuals with disabilities

*It is important that you explain how you identify with one or more of these groups in your application.

Gateways at ABRCMS 2019


Each year, more than 200 students apply for the 15 positions in the Gateways class. Applicants should have a strong desire to pursue the combined MD-PhD degree. This is NOT an appropriate summer program for students who wish to eventually pursue an MD or MPH degree.

Previous research experience is encouraged, but not required.

Over the past five years, students admitted to Gateways have had an average college GPA (at the time of submitting an application) of 3.79, with standard deviation of 0.20; their GPAs have ranged from 3.23 to 4.0.

A successful Gateways applicant is self motivated, disciplined, and driven. They have a desire to investigate the unknown and bring their research from the "bench to the bedside". These are the students who always go the extra mile. They are the next generation of physician-scientists who will become leaders in biomedical research.