ADePT News and Highlights, Spring 2023

The Tri-I Association of Physician Scientists in Training (ADePT) has been busy this academic year, with various initiatives to support and build their community. They kicked off the year with a summer barbeque at the Rockefeller Faculty Club in collaboration with the Tri-I Minority Society (TIMS), where members from both groups enjoyed food, board games, and conversation. Additionally, ADePT members attended the ABRCMS (Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students) where they spoke with prospective students, reconnected with Gateways to the Laboratory Summer Program scholars, and shared information about the Tri-I MD-PhD program. Other social events included a W(h)ine Night for students transitioning from medical school to the laboratory, and a Game Night for first-year students to discuss the challenges of starting a new phase in their medical curriculum.

ADePT played a crucial role during the interview season and in welcoming applicants to the campus, hosting a Dessert Night social for prospective and current students. They also restarted the Physician-Scientist Speaker Series, which had been paused during the pandemic. This year's speakers included Jonathan Baines, MD, PhD, a Family Medicine Physician-Scientist at the Mayo Clinic and a member of the Alaska Tlingit and Tsimshian tribes; he shared his unique and inspiring story with students during a live webinar. Most recently, they hosted Luis A. Diaz, MD, PhD, a prominent Medical Oncologist and Physician Scientist, for an in-person chat with students from the Tri-I community and the MSK Bridge post-baccalaureate program.

Looking ahead, ADePT plans to welcome more Physician-Scientists to share their journey and host a panel of residents and fellows. These events not only help to strengthen the sense of community among ADePT but also provide valuable networking opportunities and insight into the lives and careers of accomplished Physician-Scientists.

ADePT Event 2023

ADePT with guest speaker Dr. Luiz Diaz, Head of the Division of Solid Tumor Oncology at MSK

ADePT Executive Board, 2022-23

ADePT Executive Board, 2023-2023