NIH Awards and Proposals

NIH Grant Proposals and Awards by Tri-I MD-PhD Students

The Tri-I MD-PhD program encourages and supports our students in their writing of NIH F30/F31 Diversity grant proposals, as we believe this is an important part of their training and preparation to be not just successful physician scientists, but leaders in the field.

Through workshops, advising, and other events we work with our students through the entire grant writing process. The visualization below shows how the proportion of our students who submit proposals continues to rise, approaching 90% in this most recent cycle.

A few notes about the graph:

  • The most recent class included is the incoming class of 2017 as students do not submit proposals until they are established in their graduate studies.
  • The grants awarded for this most recent cohort is not included as they are mostly still being evaluated. We expect to update the visualization soon!
  • The proposals and awards are given as raw numbers (indicated on the left hand vertical axis), while the proposals per student is given as a percentage (shown on the right hand vertical axis).

Graph of proposals, awards, and proposals per student for incoming class years 2012-2017.