Life in New York City

Welcome to New York, New York

New York City is a global center of cultural, intellectual, and artisitic activity, and offers its residents an experience like none other. Our population is comprised of people from every corner of the globe, and we have the food, music, activities, and opinions to prove it.

Students at Tri-I live and work in a neighborhood famed for its scientists, in a city famed for everything else.

Our students, with backgrounds and interests as diverse as NYC, enjoy a great variety of activities outside of their studies and research.

Below find just a small taste of life in New York City.

NYRR and Bike NY Logos with MTA AT and MD-PhD Hike Picutres

Being Active in the City

Cherry Blossoms in Prospect Park and Student in Central Park

Enjoying Nature Without Leaving the City

  • A short and pleasant walk through the beautiful Upper East Side home of Tri-I brings you to Central Park, perfect for picnics, taking in a play, or going for a run.
  • A few blocks further will take you to Bryant Park, a park smaller in size but no less beautiful than Central Park, this is just one of many neighborhood green spaces spread throughout the City. In the winter, it is also a great place to go ice skating away from the crowds of tourists.
  • More of a subway ride than a walk is Brooklyn's Prospect Park, home to acres of open space, athletic fields, and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.
  • Hopping on the nearby Q train and riding it to its terminus will take you to Coney Island, for a day at the beach, and its legendary boardwalk.

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Getting Around in New York City

  • MTA Subway and Bus Service - the newly opened Second Avenue Subway station just two blocks from the Tri-I campus puts the rest of the city within reach. Running 24/7/365, the subway is an extremely convenient way to travel around the city.
  • Citi Bike - a bike share program with docks peppering Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and parts of New Jersey.
  • NYC Ferry - Manhattan is an island, so why not take a boat? Cross the river to Brooklyn, take the East River down to Wall Street, or sail all the way to Rockaway Beach in the summer.
  • Metro-North and LIRR - commuter trains to take you out of town (Metro-North has many options for upstate New York and Connecticut, and LIRR serves Long Island all the way out to the Hamptons and Montauk).

WCM Campus, as seen from the Queensboro Bridge