Dianne Lumaquin, sixth year MD-PhD student, won first place in the Oral Presentation category for the 2022 Du Vigneaud Award for her presentation “Lipid Droplets are a Metabolic Vulnerability in Melanoma.” Ms. Lumaquin's talk was based on her research in the White Lab at MSK's Sloan Kettering Institute, where she is currently doing research toward her PhD.
Match Day, 2022, saw all 22 of the graduating Tri-I MD-PhD students match for a residency. The graduates will be going to some of the leading hospitals and residency programs in the country this summer to begin the next stage of their training.The 2022 MD-PhD matches were:
Friederike Buck, fifth year student in the Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program, has received an F31 Research Award from the National Institutes of Health. This award will support Ms. Buck's research in the Bargmann Lab at The Rockefeller University.