Aleksandr Talishinsky, PhD, received an NIH F30 research grant to support his work in the Liston Lab at Weill Cornell Graduate School. Dr. Talishinsky, who defended his thesis in October of 2021, described his research below:
In keeping with the spirit of the season, it is with gratitude that I write my first newsletter as the Director of the Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program. These first few months of my Directorship have truly been a whirlwind, as I have navigated meeting our students in COVID-safe settings, participated in my first white coat ceremony, sampled the delicious (and potent) House libations, and interviewed all of the incredible applicants hoping to join the Tri-I in 2022.
Dr. Alex Gitlin (Tri-I MD-PhD graduating class of 2017) was recently named a recipient of a 2022 NIH Director's Early Independence Award. Dr. Gitlin, who joined the faculty at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in the fall of 2022, was given the award in support of his project Regulation of Proinflammatory Cytokine Responses by a Caspase-8-N4BP1 Axis.