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Students Found New Physician-Scientist Careers Seminar Series

This past fall, the Tri-Institutional student community has been excited to roll out a brand-new seminar series. Titled “Physician-Scientist Career Seminars,” the goal of this new series is to expose MD-PhD students, especially those in the midst of their PhD training, to the diverse career paths open to physician scientists.

From the student founders of the seminar series: "We hope that this series will create a new opportunity for our students to remain engaged in the full breadth of physician scientist training, even as they are focused on their lab work."

The speaker list will include scientists and physicians both within and outside the Tri-I community, as well as those at different stages of their training and careers. Already, they have welcomed multiple Tri-I alumni, including neuro-oncologist Dr. Bianca Santomasso (who also serves as co-faculty leader with pediatric oncologist Dr. Alex Kentsis) and radiation oncologists Dr. Freddy Escorcia and Dr. Ken Pitter.

Planning for the 2021 spring lineup is underway, and they welcome nominations for all physician-scientists interested in speaking with our students.