MD-PhD Student, Rohan Roy, Awarded NIH F30 Grant

Rohan Roy, a fourth year student in the Tri-I MD-PhD program, has been awarded an NIH F30 research grant. This award will support Mr. Roy's work in the Hudspeth Lab at The Rockefeller University, where he is currently working on his PhD.

In particular, this grant is in support of Rohan's project "Mechanisms of sensory hair cell reinnervation following lateral line cranial nerve damage in Danio rerio."

Asked to describe his project, Rohan had this to say:

Sensorineural hearing loss often involves the damage and retraction of auditory nerve fibers from the sensory epithelium within the cochlea. Regeneration of these auditory nerve fibers and reinnervation of the appropriate cell targets is limited in humans and other mammals. This study uses a zebrafish model to determine molecular cues and cellular behavior that may promote functional nerve regeneration to restore physiologic hearing.

Rohan Roy