MD-PhD Student, Farid Aboharb, is First M.D.-M.Eng. Student at Cornell

Farid Aboharb, a current M.D.-Ph.D. student, took a year away from Tri-I to take part in a collaborative new M.D.-M.Eng. program between WCM and Cornell Engineering.  Farid will be the first student to earn his Master's of Engineering as part of the program this May before returning to WCM to complete his M.D.

While Dr. Aboharb's decision to pursue a Master's of Engineering between finishing his PhD at Rockefeller University and finishing his MD from WCMC is not the usual course, he saw the pilot M.D.-M.Eng. program as a way to enhance his training and better prepare him for his future.

As he returns to WCMC to complete his M.D. in July of 2023, master's degree of engineering in hand, Farid is confident that the expertise he gained in Ithaca will prove valuable in his career as a psychiatrist and physician-scientist.

Read more about the M.D.-M.Eng. program and Farid's work here.

Farid Aboharb

Farid Aboharb, PhD