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Gateways to the Laboratory, Summer 2021 Overview

Facing the challenge of another remote summer, Gateways to the Laboratory took the opportunity to rethink our virtual undergraduate research program and introduce innovative new elements to provide a research experience to participants unable to physically be in the labs.

In preparation for their research, Gateways ran a three-week intensive course in Computational Methods for Biomedical Research. Led by Dr. Miranda Hunter of MSK, the course gave students a hands-on and immersive experience using R to analyze data sets (after a brief exposure to Python, presented by Dr. Benjamin Levitt, Associate Director of Gateways). Under the tutelage of Dr. Hunter, the students ended the three-week course able to obtain and engineer data sets, analyze them using R, and present their results to their peers, many starting with no prior coding or data analytic experience.

Looking to increase the mentoring and professional development aspects of Gateways while creating an opportunity for some of our MD-PhD students to take on more leadership roles, we created a Big Sib Coordinator position. The Big Sib Coordinators worked with the 18 Big Sibs providing workshops on mentoring strategies and organizing events for the Gateways students. The inaugural Big Sib Coordinators were Maria Passarelli and Andrew Griswold, veteran Big Sibs themselves.

The 2022 Gateways applications are open now through February 1, 2022. Please see our admissions page for eligibility and application details.]

Screen Shot of Big Sib Zoom Training Session

Big Sib Coordinators running a Zoom training session.