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From the Students

Hello from the students of the Tri-I Program!

We hope that you take a moment to explore our website and learn more about our program and our community here on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City.

We are a diverse group of aspiring physician-scientists, who hail from many backgrounds and walks of life: some of us came straight from college, some of us worked as research technicians following our undergraduate studies and some of us worked as professionals in other fields before deciding to pursue our MD-PhD training here at Tri-I. We each bring our own experiences and perspectives to the Tri-I community, and we hope that you will join us and bring yours too. 

Tri-I Retreat Group

Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) is affiliated with the neighboring NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (NYP), and Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) partners with the on-site hospital to form Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Our clinical training occurs primarily at these two sites, but clinical opportunities are also available at the Brooklyn, Queens, and Westchester campuses of NYP. We also maintain strong ties to the clinical and research programs of the neighboring Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) and the newly-opened Cornell Tech campus in the East River on Roosevelt Island. We are proud to call New York City our home. Our campus on York Avenue consists of three premier biomedical research institutions – Weill Cornell Medicine, The Rockefeller University, Memorial Sloan Kettering. The diversity of clinical experiences and biomedical research opportunities here are almost limitless. MD-PhD students may complete the PhD portion of the training at any of the three institutions; each institution has produced many leading physician-scientists who work in academia, government, industry, and beyond.

Even with all this in one neighborhood, many students in our community take part in diverse interests and activities across all five boroughs of New York City and beyond. Our Program is filled with an incredible mix of students, all of whom are passionate about pursuing careers as physician-scientists while continuing to develop their other interests as well. New York City is an incredible place to live, train, and grow in, and we all feel so lucky to be in such a vibrant city on our journey towards becoming MD-PhDs.

Thank you for your interest in our Program, and we hope to meet you in person someday!

In past years, the AMCAS verification process has taken up to eight weeks. Access to the secondary application will not be sent to the applicant until the AMCAS is verified. Applicants are encouraged to submit their application as soon as possible. Please make sure all other parts of the application (letters of recommendation) are submitted so that the admissions committee can review the application as soon as it is verified and the secondary is submitted.

With a rapidly evolving situation surrounding COVID-19, these dates are given tentatively, and we encourage applicants to check back frequently for updates and to contact the MD-PhD Program Office with any questions.

Important Dates (2020-2021)

AMCAS Available
May 4, 2020
MD-PhD Application Deadline (AMCAS Primary Application)
September 28, 2020
MD-PhD Application All Materials Must Be Complete By
October 27, 2020
Virtual Admission Interview Dates*:
October 22-23, 2020
November 5-6, 2020
November 19-20, 2020
Admission Decisions Made:
Mid December 2020
Revisit Day(s):
Accepted Applicants Must Select “Plan to Enroll” 
on the Choose Your Medical School tool:
April 30, 2021
Accepted Applicants Must Select “Commit to Enroll” 
on the Choose Your Medical School tool:
First Year MD-PhD Class Begins:
July 1, 2021

*All interviews for this application cycle will be held remotely.

MD-PhD Applications

Please note that the Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program follows the Application and Acceptance Protocols established by the AAMC. 

The Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program Interview Days are listed above. If you are applying to the program, you are strongly encouraged to keep these dates open on your calendar until you hear from us regarding a final decision. As we only have three pairs interview days, rescheduling is discouraged.

MD-PhD applicants are strongly encouraged to complete their applications as early as possible. Items that typically hold an application from achieving a complete status include letters of recommendation and the medical college's secondary form. Access to the medical college's secondary form is only emailed to applicants whose applications are verified by AMCAS. It is the applicant's responsibility to make sure their file is complete.

Successful applicants will have excellent undergraduate science preparation, substantial undergraduate research experience, and a strong commitment to combining an investigative career in the biomedical sciences with clinical medicine.

Because of the increasing diversity of the United States population, there is a national need for physician-investigators who are members of underrepresented minority groups and other disadvantaged groups. The Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program therefore encourages applications from students who are members of under-represented minority groups, from disadvantaged backgrounds or who are disabled. (We recognize that some applicants may belong to more than one of these categories.)

Successful applicants must satisfy the requirements of both the medical and the graduate components of the Program, and all matriculants must satisfy the requirements in the Medical College's Technical Standards policy.

After initial screening, selected candidates will be invited to attend one of the Program's three interview days, where they will meet selected faculty within the Program.

Technical Standards

Successful applicants must satisfy the requirements of both the medical and the graduate components of the Program, and all matriculants must satisfy the requirements in the Medical College's Technical Standards policy. Read more about the WCM Technical Standards here