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MD-PhD Student Houses

In the spring of 2019, the Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program founded a "House System." This MD-PhD student-led initiative has the goal of fostering mentorship and community within and across the Program. Other than the annual retreat, many students felt that there were not enough opportunities to get to know MD-PhD students who are enrolled in different years. The Houses were thus introduced to address this concern.

In the House System, MD-PhD students across different classes are assigned to one of five Houses. Each House organizes social activities and establishes mentorship lineages between classes. The Houses also recruit alumni or MD-PhD faculty to act as advisors. The intent for this system is to make it easier for students to find mentors and also enjoy some “informal mentorship”.

House CurieHouse Curie, MD-PhD Retreat 2019

House Marie Curie 

Co-heads: Rhiannon Aguilar and Harlan Pietz
Treasurer: Felipe D'Andrea
Mentorship: Camila Villasante and Kirsten Bredvick
Faculty Mentor: Toby Hohl

House Ramon y CajalHouse Ramon, MD-PhD Retreat 2019

House Ramón y Cajal

Co-heads: Maria Passarelli and Alex Talishinsky
Treasurer: George Zakusilo
Mentorship: Jesse Novak and Kristina Navrazhina
Faculty Mentors: Mac Ishii and Ping Chi

House ArchimedesHouse Archimedes, MD-PhD Retreat 2019

House Archimedes

Co-heads: Andrew Griswold and Dianne Lumaquin
Treasurer: Jeremey Chang
Mentorship: Brian Hurwtiz and Abby Janke
Faculty Mentors: Randy Longman and Sunny Kishore

House JemisonHouse Jemison, MD-PhD Retreat 2019

House Mae Jemison

Co-heads: Neville Dusaj and Cayla Broton
Treasurer: Ally Moyer
Mentorship: Sarah Szwed
Faculty Mentors: Andy Intelkofer and Rachel Niec

House FranklinHouse Franklin, MD-PhD Retreat 2019

House Rosalind Franklin

Co-Heads: Alisha Dua and Josh Weiss
Treasurer: Sam Phillips
Mentorship: Friederike Buck
Falutly/Alumni Mentors: Paul Cohen and Bianca Santomasso