On April 10, 2022, the Association of American Physicians (AAP) elected the group of scientists, physicians, and physician-scientists as new members. The group of honorees includes Tri-I MD-PhD Program alumni and faculty, including:Kiran Musunuru (Tri-I MD-PhD graduating class of 2004)Daniel Reich (Tri-I MD-PhD graduating class of 2001)Katharine Hsu (Tri-I MD-PhD graduating class of 1994 and current Tri-I MD-PhD Director)
Dianne Lumaquin, sixth year MD-PhD student, won first place in the Oral Presentation category for the 2022 Du Vigneaud Award for her presentation “Lipid Droplets are a Metabolic Vulnerability in Melanoma.” Ms. Lumaquin's talk was based on her research in the White Lab at MSK's Sloan Kettering Institute, where she is currently doing research toward her PhD.