The work of Dr. Darren Orcbach, MD, PhD and Dr. Peter Weinstock, MD, PhD, both members of the Tri-I graduating class of 1998, made possible the first successful fetal intracranial intervention earlier this month. Denver Coleman was diagnosed with life-threatening Vein of Galen Malformation (VOGM) and was treated in utero by Dr. Orbach, the first time such a procedure was done.
Farid Aboharb, a current M.D.-Ph.D. student, took a year away from Tri-I to take part in a collaborative new M.D.-M.Eng. program between WCM and Cornell Engineering.  Farid will be the first student to earn his Master's of Engineering as part of the program this May before returning to WCM to complete his M.D.
The Class of 2024 is the largest class in Tri-I history! The 21 students who entered the residency match matched at leading programs and institutions in the country, including Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, UPenn, Weill Cornell, and Yale.We have: