Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program

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Du Cheng, 5th year student

"There’s a lot of things you can do out-of-the-box… there’s tons of funding everywhere. My advice is: venture out a little bit. Eight years is a long time… it would be a waste if you only learned medicine research. …And listen to (Program Director) Olaf."

Sanjeethan Baksh, 4th year student

"First two years, (I) did mock interviews for Gateways students, (organized) a journal club with another student, wrote up student guides."

"(The) support they give is critical in dealing with medical school. Because of the nature of the research, students do really well... (there's a) sense of community and support."

Charlie Gene Buffie, Alumni

"I was a Big Sib for four or five years. It was always really valuable to keep the conversation going… it was always valuable to try to answer questions for someone. It felt like I could see if it was the right path for them."