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Admissions Tips

  1. We only have three interview days. Please view the current interview dates. If you are applying to the Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program, we strongly encourage you to keep these dates free until you hear a final decision from us. Rescheduling is incredibly difficult.
  2. The Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program processes over 550 applications annually. Applications are received all summer long and screening of complete applications commences in late July. Thus, the earlier your file is complete, the better your chances are of getting an interview. We interview 90 applicants per year. The later you are screened, the fewer interview slots may be available, which means it becomes more competitive later in the screening cycle. 
  3. Therefore, APPLY EARLY. You are strongly encouraged to submit your AMCAS application by August 1, even if you haven't taken the MCAT exam yet. This allows us to start processing your application. If the rest of your file is complete, once we get your MCAT scores, your file is ready to be screened.
  4. Ask the faculty members who are writing your letters of recommendation to submit their letters before they go away for the summer. Contacting them in July/August is almost impossible; your file will not be complete until their letters are submitted, and we will not act on your application until it is complete.
  5. Items that typically hold an application from achieving "complete status" include letters of recommendation and the medical college's secondary form. Access to the medical college's secondary form is only emailed to applicants whose applications are verified by AMCAS.
  6. Check your email regularly! We email all students to let them know the status of their application. We also will let you know what is missing from your application. If something is missing, you are encouraged to act on this right away.
For more information, see the AAMC instructions on applying to medical school